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Get a 5-Pack of Spinal Hygiene Kits Shipped to Your Door for Only $99!
Get 5 Spinal Hygiene Kits! ($585 Value)
Plus Bonuses, and more for only $99!

When you sign up above today, you will get a 5-Pack of Spinal Hygiene Kits shipped right to your door!  Plus, we will teach you everything you and your team needs to know about how to present the Spinal Hygiene Kits! We have an entire implementation method that is so simple to use you won't even notice anything has changed, except your RETENTION STATS!

If you join our 5-Pack Spinal Hygiene Challenge today, you can get these valuable Spinal Hygiene Kits ($585 Value) for a fraction of the price. 

Challenge: Watch how almost every PERSON WITH A SPINAL HYGIENE KIT is more engaged, gets better results, and is more likely to re-sign for wellness after their initial care plan! 
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Bonus #1: The Spinal Hygiene Implementation Guide Download!
This Implementation Guide will make your life so much easier.  All you have to do is follow it step by step and you'll be on your way to growing an amazing wellness practice with a strong lifetime patient education system.

Are you too busy to read an Implementation Manual?  Then just give it to your staff!  There's nothing in this manual/guide that your staff can't do for you!  In fact, a lot of the information in this manual is designed to educate your staff around the concepts of spinal hygiene and scripting on what to say to the patients when you're educating them on the subject.

Bonus #2: Want to Start Doing Workshops for Your Patients, but Have No Idea What To Lecture About? We'll show You Exactly What to Say and How to Give an Spinal Hygiene PowerPoint Presentation That will help your Patients Understand Lifetime Spinal Care and Have a Huge Light-Bulb Moment!
You’ll get our Spinal Hygiene Advanced Talk PowerPoints and Workshop Training so you can set up in-office workshops and start teaching your patients the power of Spinal Hygiene.  This is a 7-Step program that is laid out to make it super easy for you and your staff to start implementing regular Spinal Hygiene Workshops in your office!

Bonus #3: Everyone Who Steps-Foot in Your Office Should Walkout Knowing One Thing, HOW TO PROPERLY TAKE CARE OF THEIR SPINE...  This Poster Will Help You Make That Happen!
It can't be that easy...Right?  YES, IT IS!  ...Just wait until you see how well it works!
Bonus #4: You'll get Our Spinal Hygiene Lunch & Learn Program. This PROGRAM Is Normally $497 by itself, But You Will Get It For FREE. This Program is Responsible for Thousands of New Patients and Millions of Dollars Worth of Chiropractic Care Across the Hundreds of Offices that are Currently Utilizing it!
Dr. Tabor will walk you step-by-step through his 8 step system of setting up Lunch & Learn Talks in your community. He’ll also show to 2 other ways to set up talks (one of them no one ever things about), and you’ll get presentation and closing training so you’ll know exactly what to say and do at your Lunch & Learn to maximize sign-ups in your office starting today!
Bonus #5: We'll Give You Access To All 12 Automated Spinal Hygiene Training Emails At No Additional Cost.  This is an Automated Email Drip Campaign That You can Simply Plug-and-Play into Your Email Marketing Software to Educate Your Patients!
This simple, turn-key email sequence has educated more patients than any Chiropractor ever could in person.  Simply edit the email templates by adding your company logo and adjusting the text to your liking, then plug it into your email software.  From now on every patient who walks into your office can get an educational email sent to them each week without you having to lift a finger.
Bonus #6: How To Educate Your Patients About Non-Symptom Based Chiropractic Care with These 12 (Monthly) Printable Flyers! These Flyers will Help Your Patients Understand the Power of the Nervous System Without You Having to Say One Word About it!
These flyers are not just "wild Chiropractic claims" every flyer is backed up by peer reviewed research and the references where that research came from so that any one who questions the claims can look it up themselves!  We usually reserve these research flyers for our HIGH LEVEL "Certified Spinal Hygienist" STUDENTS, but you will get the downloadable versions so you can print as many as you need!

This ONE bonus alone is worth 100x the price of this $99 Retention Challenge...

Bonus #7: Facebook Group and INCENTIVE When to Tune In LIVE...
Meet Dr. Tabor, Who Will Be Taking You and Your Staff Through Everything You Need to Know Over the Next 2 Weeks, to Create the Chiropractic Wellness Practice of Your Dreams!
During the next 14 days Dr. Tabor will be doing LIVE trainings inside the Spinal Hygiene Doctor's Club Facebook Group!  We want you to show up LIVE so we can answer any and all of your questions LIVE. If you show up live, you'll have a chance to win even MORE Spinal Hygiene Kits! We'll choose random winners multiple times during the week to take home the "Spinal Hygiene 5-Pack" Gift! This is just our fun way of saying THANKS for tuning in LIVE and reward you for being serious about taking your practice to the next level!
Dr. Tabor Smith D.C., Certified Spinal Hygienist
Dr. Tabor Smith is a practicing chiropractor in Houston TX.  He owns and runs one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Texas, where he has treated thousands of patients and developed the life changing lessons that he teaches today.  He is a teacher and lecturer.  He teaches an extensive course on spinal health and hygiene through Life University’s Post Graduate Education Department.  He trains Chiropractors and their staff in the area of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of degenerative disc disease.  Dr. Tabor is also the executive producer of a feature-length health documentary titled A Better Way.  This documentary exposes the corruption in our current health care system, and share true stories of people who have changed their life and found a better way to get and stay healthy!
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Join the Challenge and See Why the SPINAL HYGIENE MOVEMENT is the #1 At-Home Chiropractic Patient Education/Exercise Program that Creates Massive GROWTH in Lifetime Wellness Practices!
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When you sign up below today, you will get a 5-Pack of Spinal Hygiene Kits shipped right to your door!  Plus, we will teach you everything you and your team needs to know about how to present the Spinal Hygiene Kits! We have an entire implementation method that is so simple to use you won't even notice anything has changed, except your RETENTION STATS!

Get 5 Spinal Hygiene Kits! ($585 Value)
Plus Bonuses, and more for only $99!
LIVE TRAINING: In Our Facebook Group Each Day of This Live and Highly Interactive Learning Experience You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions and Concerns When It Comes To Implementing a Spinal Hygiene Program and Creating Lifetime Wellness Patients!
First, everyone on your team must understand and be able to teach the concept of spinal hygiene.  (This sounds simple but the truth is even the majority of chiropractors do not fully or accurately understand this concept.). You cannot teach it until you first understand it..

The Core-4 Spinal Hygiene Exercises are designed to maximize clarity, simplicity, and effectiveness for both prevention of spinal degeneration and patient understanding and implementation!

Use these scripts as an outline/bullet points so that everything is communicated naturally and effectively.  Plus, we'll cover how to use the Exercise Instruction Cards!

The most successful chiropractic offices build their spinal hygiene program into their patient systems and procedures.  We'll cover multiple options and visit sequences for your patients to receive their spinal hygiene kit in your office.
We'll teach you how to price your Spinal Hygiene Kits and where to put them into your care plans.  Spinal Hygiene Kits don't cost you money, they make you money every time! 

Live Facebook Trainings - IN OUR PRIVATE GROUP
We'll show you exactly how to implement Spinal Hygiene step by step, as well as, the #1 secret to success when it comes to PRACTICE GROWTH!

See You Inside The Community!
The sales figures stated above are Tabor Smith D.C.'s personal sales figures and students of Tabor Smith D.C. personal sales figures. Please understand our results and our student's results are not guaranteed. We are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of practicing Chiropractic & Spinal Hygiene for 12+ years, and have an established skill-set as a result. Information without action is worthless. If you buy our products and information and do not take action you will get little to no results. We use these real references for inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge.

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